One of the most challenging tasks as a two day Teacher-Facilitator is ensuring e-Learners finish work within our weeky time frame and having to juggle tasks around extra-curricula school activities.

Working in groups to complete the final presentation was their biggest  focus for the week.  e-Learners have also been assigned sub-groups for 1. Skype-debating with Berwick, Australia 2. Blogging with Morgan County, United States of America and 3. Music Mix/Dance Crew with trainer Joseph.  We also have a group of students wanting to blog from a school in Waitomo that I am yet to confer with.

The onedayonearth projects have ensured we achieve our two goals being 1. media creation and 2. online collaboration.  I also have the Mix and Mash competition (in the back of my mind) and a couple of other ideas that should see us through the rest of the Term. 

We've had a rather busy two days. As I'm away completing the milestone report next week, e-Learners will remain in their home classes and get a bit of a break:)

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