T4, W2: Looking at Money - Posted by e-Learners - Me, Beyond My Digital World - One Day on Earth Projects
Corey: Today was an awesome day for me because we had Viki come in from ANZ.  She talked to us about saving money and things like that.  She also answered our questions.  After that we talked to some people from a school in Australia on Skype.

Kiana-Jo: I have learnt how to use the programme Photo Filtre and create different styes of money for our K-Town O-poly board.

Ethyn C: Hi.  One thing I have learnt today is how to spend my money and how to spend it wisely.  Im still having a good time here at e-Learning. 

Ethan: Today we were learning about money. It was fun because we got to help some of the new students who have joined our e-Learners Team, I was helping three people. This Term we are learning about money then Historical places in Kawerau after that.

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