Eythn: I finshed my trading card (although I had to do it again) today and I completed my part of the power point presentation about Tarawera mountain.   I also learnt how to use toondoo and it's really cool.

Awa: It was fun this week because we got to do a now and then presentation.  It was a little difficult doing the then photo because we're presenting the Water Wheel and it was hard sticking an actual water wheel behind the gate.  We have used Photo Filtre to do all our now and then slides.

Rhys: Music Mixing was really fun today because we saw different samples of music and dance.  My group also finished  our presentation.

Reed: Monday was really great for me because I worked on my trading card.  I'm also in a group called blog along and it was neat typing my introduction to other people. I really like being an e-learner because I learn stuff about ICT and I like typing.  We do alot of that:)  Tuesday was really awsome because I finished all my work early and I learnt some more websites to visit.  That was really cool.  I also got to record stuff about Monika Lanham Reserve. 

Josh: Today I liked creating my 30 years in time project because it was fun helping other people use Photo Filtre. Tomorrow I hope I can create and fiinsh my trading card.
Whaea Jeanette

Trialling how this might work:)


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