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Reed: Today we went to heaps of historical places for our project. It was really fun taking photos and riding around in the school van.  We even went to the Savage Pools and it wasn't that hot.  The photos we took are really important for me as I got to learn more about historical places then I even knew. I really like e-learning.
Rhys: I was fasinated because we had a look at WW1 pictures taken from 1915 to 1932. This intriuged me too because the images are very clear and the quality very unique.  The black and white matched the pictures very well.

Zac: Today was fun.  Why.... because we went around in our groups to historical places in Kawerau like Stoneham Walk and Boyce Park. We took pictures and started writing information about the historical places when we got back to school. The thing that really amazed me today was trying to get the photo in place. One thing today that really was funny was trying to pull the key out for the Savages Pools gate, haha:)

Ryshawn: It was another great day because we went to the library and Museum and the experience was really fun.  We also went around Kawerau to take photographs of all the historical places.   It's amazing to still see the places here today.  I hope that I'll learn more and more about these historical places as we move through this project.

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