Planning for Historical Photography

19/10/10: For this project e-Learners will work in five groups.  They have brainstormed historical places of interest in Kawerau (natural and man-made resources) then allocated 3 per group to research and capture 2010 snapshots of.  Next week we make a visit to the Public Library and students will work alongside Whaea Jeanette and/or  Whaea Tracy to take photos.
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Becoming Innovative and Multi-Tasking

19/10/10:  Having just completed the 'Looking at Money' project and now planning for 'Historical Photography', a fantastic idea that e-Learners want to pursue over time, is to create a monopoly-type game called K-Town O-Poly,  

 They have also come up with the idea of creating K-Town play money and using the information from the historical places project to make trading cards. 

This innovative idea could also become part of a Young Enterprises Scheme project

Play Money

Photo Flitre is the free download programme that students are using to redesign money for their K-Town O-poly game (yet to be created).  Each monetary denomination has been allocated a colour that is different to the existing currency and the famous person is to be replaced with a historical place image.  The note must look professional and also read 'Reserve Bank of K-Town'.

NB: e-Learners are aware of the issues regarding fraud and so each play money note is to be stamped 'SPECIMEN'.


Trading Cards of Places in Kawerau

e-Learners are in the process of making up trading cards of their assigned historical places using the web2 programme Big Huge Labs.  The cards will be laminated and also serve as template spaces for the K-Town O-poly game.

Sharing Old Photos and Memorabillia


26/10/10:  Whaea Jeanette took the opportunity to share photos, war medals and other memorabillia (inherited by her busband) that date back some 100 or so years ago with e-Learners today.  While the idea was to have students thinking and looking critically at the old photographs, questions like.... What would the camera that took these shots have looked like?...and...'Why are those old photos, taken so long ago, not even blurry?...came up.  

Some of the e-Learners were also very interested to know...
1.Why men in uniform pose so seriously for war photos?...
2. How long the letters articulately wriiten in linked, clear handwriting might have taken to complete?.. and...
3. Who will evenutally own 'the now antique' trout fish flies?

e-Learners visit the Library, Museum and Historical Places

26/10/10: Students spent the latter part of the morning at the Kawerau Public Library viewing photographs and observing artefacts in the Sir James Fletcher Challenge Museum.  Irene Sandle, the Museum Curator also gave a brief talk about old photographs and copyright. 

After a spot of morning tea it was 'back on the road again' as e-Learners travelled to their assigned historical locations and took 2010 snaphots.  We've included a few photos for viewing below.   Thanks Whaea Tracy for your support today:) 

Monika Lanham Reserve


Rautahi Marae


Proposed Water Wheel Site


Savage Pools

Media Creation using the 2010 Photographs

26/10/10: e-Learners are in the early stages of learning how to find information (research) historical places in Kawerau and read a range of teacher-directed content for meaning.  Given time they will also come to know and appreciate the importance of writing (for an audience) 'in their own words'. 

The envisaged media creation outcome for this project is that students place (to compare and contrast) one old photo of a historical place alongside a 2010 snapshot.  This idea may now not eventuate as we are faced with copyright issues and are experiencing difficulties finding or obtaining photos of historical places taken 20-30 years ago. 

We do however, have alternative solutions that involve manipulating one of the 2010 photographs... (a) to what it may have looked like 20-30 years ago, OR... (b) to what the historical location may look like 20 years into the future.  e-Learners have since decided on option B.

What might Putauaki Primary look like in 20 year's time?


                                                NOW - 2010


                                             THEN - 2030

Historical Photography - Final Presentation

e-Learners decided on capturing and documenting information using 2010 and 2030 predicted snapshots.  This is the group's final presentation created in Powerpoint and uploaded using Slidesix.  They tried to embed video directly into Slidesix but that did not work.   So students have also included a video that explains why they think the historical places and important for Kawerau and their predictions about what the places may look like in 20 years time. 

Why Historical Places are Important for Kawerau and our 2030 Predictions

Weebly does not support embedded videos (unless we pay and upgrade), so click on the image or following link to watch the e-Learners video uploaded for viewing in Vimeo: